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When you want your pet to look their best, visit us for dog grooming, nail trimming, and more at Grooming By Kellie. dog grooming shop coupon

Canine clients throughout Broward  County and surrounding areas have been enjoying their Dog Grooming experience here for many years, receiving a full range of dog grooming services, including medicated, and fur-whitening washes, as well as ear cleaning, nail clipping, de-shedding, and skin and coat treatments.

My name is Kellie Kaspriske, I'm the owner and have over 18 years of dog grooming experience. I am NDGAA ( National Dog Groomers Association of America ) certified and Pet First Aid certified.

At Grooming By Kellie, your pet's happiness and safety is our top priority. I want you to be comfortable enough to drop your pet off to us and know they are in good hands! Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience.

We are a small salon. Our goal is not to groom a large number of dogs. We don't offer a petsmart type service, i.e., grooming as many dogs as possible. Safety and your pet's comfort is our number one goal. I provide a high quality dog grooming service, at reasonable rates. I have 18+ years of dog grooming experience. You can trust us to keep a very close eye on your baby while in our care. Unlike larger shops, where your pet may be groomed by a different dog groomer each time, I will be the only dog groomer your pet will see. I try to develop a personal relationship with each pet I groom.

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I am a full service dog grooming salon with NDGAA dog grooming Certifications in all breeds. I offer a calm, gentle stress free grooming. I provide a dog grooming experience for your pet in the most stress free environment possible. You'll find our pricing to be one of the most reasonable in the area. Our grooming sessions are done quickly. Customers can wait if they like. Grooming sessions are likely to last less than an hour.

I offer top of the line shampoos including a full line of medicated shampoos. I have specialty medicated shampoos for skin dermatitis, and also flea and tick shampoos. Everything I do is geared toward providing your pet with a comfortable and relaxed dog grooming experience. I would love to meet you and your pet!

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      • Natural, bio-degradable, Flea, and Tick grooming supplies used

"Dog Grooming with love"

Offering dog grooming services above what most other dog groomers don't offer.

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I offer a relaxed atmosphere, with over 18+ years of professional dog grooming experience. You can trust that I will provide a pleasant, and caring environment for your pet. I specialize in "Gentle Touch" dog grooming, even welcoming problem/hard to groom dogs. All furbabies are dried by hand... no cage drying.
Remember, keeping your pet happy during their stay with us, is always our top priority!
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Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday 8:00am-2:00pm
Sun. Closed
Appointments Recommended

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*Ask for Details*
Why choose an NDGAA(National Dog Groomers Association of America) certified groomer? What does it mean and why does it matter?

Dog groomers, unlike human hair stylists, DO NOT have to be licensed by the state. Most groomers will tell you they are "certified" by whatever school they attended. All that means is that they paid money to the school and completed the 6 week program. This DOES NOT ensure that they are a good or safety minded groomer. Many do not even know the breed standard of the dog they are grooming or how that dog should look.

I am certified in ALL breeds by the NDGAA and earned a Master Dog Groomer status. This means that after I completed grooming school I took it upon myself to spend an additional year and a half traveling the country, attending grooming seminars and grooming dogs of different breed groups in front of a panel of Master Dog Groomers. I was then graded on my performance. Additionally, I took 4 written exams, 100 questions each regarding dog grooming styles, grooming safety and canine health. I followed this with a 400 question Masters exam. I am also certified in canine first aid!

I am very proud of my NDGAA Certifications, but I am even more honored that you chose me with your beloved fur baby. Please know that your pet's safety is my number one priority. I pride myself on your satisfaction and the care your pet receives during the grooming process.

Dog Grooming by Kellie

Dog Grooming with love

*NDGAA Certified*

Over 18 years experienced!


8696 Griffin Road

Cooper City, Fl. 33328


Soothing Bubble Bath includes soothing, deep cleaning bath, ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal expression, brush, blow dry, and fabulous bows or bandana.

Small Breeds - $30*
Medium Breeds - $36*
Large Breeds - $48*
Giant Breeds - $54*

Mini Dog Groom Session includes the soothing Bubble Bath plus trimming of the Face, Feet and Fanny

Samll Breeds - $42*
Medium Breeds - $54*
Large Breeds - $66*
Giant Breeds - $78*

Full Service Groom Session includes the soothing Bubble Bath plus a full body hair cut of your choice

Samll Breeds - $54*
Medium Breeds - $66*
Large Breeds - $90*
Giant Breeds - $109*

*These are the STARTING PRICES only, and are subject to change. Prices are based on hair styles, i.e. scissored styles, and the lenght and condition of the coat. Other factors, such as MATTED coats and AGGRESSIVE or difficult to handle pets, may result in an EXTRA FEE.

Any dog grooming service can be changed into our "Luxury Spa Service($20 upgrade)". The Luxury Spa Package includes:
• Oatmeal shampoo conditioner
• Nose and pad cream
• Blueberry facial
• Teeth brushing

Shampoo Upgrades
(Salt free, tear tree, and cruelty free)
Add any one of these specialty shampoos to your fur baby's bath or groom for an additional $5.

Whitening - Enhances and brightens light or white coats
Moisturizing - Kelp, chamomile, Rosemary, Aloe, Vera gel, Moisturizers
Soothing - Tea Tree oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Lavender, Cucumber Extract and Oatmeal
Rejuvenating - Kiwi Extract, Lemon Grass, Rosemary, Chamomile and Oatmeal
Gorgeous Dog - Jojoba oil, Vitamin E. Keeps your pet smelling fresh longer
Itchy Dog - Sooths Dry, Itchy, Flaky or Problem Skin. Helps heal Hot Spots
Stinky Dog - Long lasting fresh scent
Bad Hair Day - Reduces Shedding, Fleas, and Ticks

15 Minutes with our de-shed session will greatly reduce the amount of shedding by removing thick undercoat. Great for the skin and improves circulation.
Small Breeds - $10*
Medium Breeds - $20*
Large Breeds - $30*

Blueberry Facial Scrub
Exfoliates and helps remove unsightly stains from eyes, mouth, paws and body. Tearless.
Face - $5
Body - $10

Soothing Paw and Nose Treatment

Vitamin Enriched Soothing Balm - $7
Teeth Brushing - $8
Ear Cleaning - $8
Glands Expressed - $10

Specialized Trims
Facial - trimming of ears, bangs and beard - $10
Paws - trimming of paws and pads $15
Sanitary - trimming of fanny and privates $7
Nails - trimming and filing of the nails - $12

Spiking of the hair down the center of the head.
Plain Spiked - $10
Cut-in - $15
With one color add - $5
Multiple color add - $10

Contact Us

(954) 245-4558

Call Us for professional dog grooming services
I start with kindness and finish with style!
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Address:   8696 Griffin Rd.
  Cooper City,  Florida 33328
(inside Dr Bruce's Animal Hospital on the
SW corner of Pine Island and Griffin Road)
Web Site:
Email:  GroomingByKellie@Yahoo.Com
Phone:  (954) 245-4558

Hours of Operation
Appointments available:
Tuesday - Saturday   8:00AM-2:00PM
Sun                  Closed


      Stephanie R. (Yelp Review)
My pups hate baths but they love Kellie. They aren't always excited to see her but they leave happy and it's not too difficult to get them in. They HATE Petsmart grooming and I literally have to drag them in, hence the reason I will never take a pet there again. I started taking them to Kellie when she was over at Green Paws and will go out of my way to take them to her because they like her and she is great with them. Both of my small short hair dogs are normally in and out in about an hour which is better than most places that make the dogs sit in cages for hours. Bath time is not my dogs favorite but she reduces their stress significantly and takes very good care of them..

      Michelle B. (Yelp Review)
Grooming by Kellie is wonderful! Kellie and her ladies provide wonderful service. My mini doxie is scared of most things but he always leaves happy while giving Kellie lots of kisses and tail wags.
Kellie is the best groomer I've found. I prefer driving 25-30 minutes to her than to any other groomer that is closer to where I live. I highly recommend Grooming by Kellie! She makes my little boy very handsome! She takes pride in providing great service and making sure all her customers are satisfied. She goes above and beyond! Thanks Kellie!


      Gloria R.(Yellow Page review)
Great groomer! My Maggie, who isn't so user friendly, loved Kellie. She must have that special touch that animals can pick up on. You won't be disappointed bringing your fur babies here!

      Brian M.(Yellow Page review)
Kellie is your stereotypical,consummate professional. If you need services for your pets I would highly recommend her services.

      Ricky F.(Yellow Page review)
Kellie will handle your fur baby,with love and care.No matter the bred, she handles them all with love and care.A true consummate professional.

      Ashley(Yellow Page review)
By far the best groomer I have ever met and worked with. She is truly amazing and gifted with what she does and she absolutely loves the animals. I recommend everyone to see Kellie your pet will look spectacular and will want to come again.

      Anthony S.(Yellow Page review)
Kellie is the best groomer I ever took my dogs to. She rocks!

      Klebby W.(Yellow Page review)
A groomer with style and a cutting edge. The only place I would ever bring my big Shepherd Princess.

      Mary Beth F.(Yellow Page review)
Excellent service! Great price! Will be returning!

      Sarah B.(Yellow Page review)
I am extremely pleased and delighted with the quality, affordable pricing, and people at Grooming by Kellie. I have 3 dogs - 1 long-haired chihuahua and 2 pugs. I have to get my chihuahua's hair cut short, especially during the summer months. And my pugs get bathed regularly due to all the shedding. This groomer always is available for me and they provide excellent customer service.

      Doreneia Reges Henderson(Facebook review)
Kellie does an amazing job with the pets. And the pets love coming and seeing kellie.

      Mark Wattam(Facebook review)

      Leesa Pebbles Martucci(Facebook review)
Kellie is an AMAZING groomer


      Laura Jones(Google review)
True animal lover doing what she does best! Pampering your babies!

      Novyce Weeks(Google review)
Kellie is amazing to all the Furbabies. If you have any you should definitely take them to her for grooming. They will never look better or be pampered as much.

      Gloria Hamze(Google review)
Great groomer! My Maggie, who isn't so user friendly, loved Kellie. She must have that special touch that animals can pick up on. You won't be disappointed bringing your fur babies here!

      Leah Lauricella Broach(Google review)
Very professional. Dogs look great. Thank you!

      Alicia Pendleton(Facebook review)
The dogs cleaned up well LOVE the job Kellie and Jessica did. Thank you for making the appointment so easy and doing an excellent job!

      Reiko Andes(Facebook review)
Kellie is so amazing and gentle. Fuzz loves her too. And he looks and smells so good after I pick him up.

      Bev Clingerman(Facebook review)
Just picked up my little boys after their first grooming with Kellie. They look amazing and I am very happy to have found an excellent groomer!

      Laura Parker(Facebook review)
Kellie does a great job on my dogs every time. She is so sweet and always has a smile on her face. I love her new location!